Reagan & Micha

Although we had different childhoods,

we both make “chosen family” wherever we go! We have loved ones, relatives, and friends all over the US, Canada, and around the world. Everyone is excited to welcome our new child, especially the two grandmothers and all the little cousins!

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Our Lifestyle and Family


We value education: With eight degrees between us, we have a lot to think about – and try not to take it too seriously!

About Us

We met at a friends house watching RuPaul’s Drag Race! We dated for three years and have been married another three.

Our house is always full of books, art, music, and laughter. Our quiet neighborhood has lots of families and children, so our kid will have lots of playmates right around the corner. We can’t wait to spend time with our kiddo, playing in the grass, growing and eating fresh food and whatever Reagan cooks on the grill!

welcome to our backyard paradise…

…often visited by birds, bunnies, chipmunks, and other cute critters.

Meet Bobo

We have two sweet cats and live within walking distance of several beautiful parks.


Micha loves reading and engaging with children in our community!

MICHA BY REAGAN: I first met Micha when she was a college professor. It has been amazing to witness her shift to owning her own freelance editing business. Her ability to honor change will help foster and support our child’s creativity.

Micha is an individual who keeps her cool in intense situations while showing a sense of care, compassion, and love for all those around her. She shares these gifts generously in our relationship and with our community, showing me the beautiful, caring parent she will be to our child.

FAVORITE THINGS games/puzzles  •  puns  •  forests


Reagan is a college professor and professional saxophone player… but jokes about leaving it all behind to hit the road as a comedian for toddlers!

REAGAN BY MICHA: His spontaneity and goofy sense of humor are going to be so much fun for our child to grow up with.

He is full of love, humor, and is able to see the unique things that make every person special. Reagan always speaks up when he sees someone being treated unfairly, and I know he will do an amazing job protecting our child and helping them find the freedom to become whoever they want to be.

FAVORITE THINGS mushroom rice  •  shoes  •  corny romance

WE LOVE: exploring in local parks • hosting home-cooked meals • cool art exhibits • live music & theater. It’s going to be so much fun to bring our kid along for these adventures! As members of the LGBTQ+ community, we also give back by working for social justice • advocating for positive change • making the world a better place, not just for our family but for all members of our community.

We love spending time with our niece!

We had a blast on family vacation with our godkids this summer.

Reagan grew up with three brothers in a big, close- knit family, while Micha grew up an only child in a very small family. But both families can’t wait to add a new little one to the group!

Micha and her mom took part in the historic women’s march in Washington D.C.

We have talked about adopting since the very beginning our relationship, and we’re so happy to be in our dream home with space to raise a family.

We are best friends!

Mom’s favorite birthday gift was the news that we’d be adopting a grandbaby!

Our Promise to You

We will surround our child with love, care, and a safe, creative, and open environment so they can grow into the best version of themselves. If you or someone you know are making an adoption plan for your baby, please reach out to us or our agency for more information!

Thank you…

We are excited to pursue an open adoption because it’s a beautiful way of making a family. For us, that family includes you as well as your child. We also know that family can mean a lot of different things, so we look forward to figuring it all out together and building our relationship with you over time. Most of all, we want our child to feel proud of their story and where they came from, and we know how important you are to that story.

Thank you,

Micha and Reagan

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